Bring propositions to life through a customer lens with distinct and compelling messaging

Brand promises can be abstract and confusing, lacking clarity, precision and explicit reference to the material benefits a potential buyer should expect. Momentum’s value proposition development program puts that right.

Through intensive research and deep buyer insights, we’ll help you understand what your customers need and develop differentiated messaging that directly connects service offering with buyer requirement.

Our process begins with a deep dive. We’ll gain an unparalleled understanding of your products and services through workshops, discovery calls, and one-to-one interviews with subject matter experts.
We’ll apply data analytics and intensive research techniques to create actionable insights that will further inform proposition development. And we’ll play back, validate, and iterate messaging until it is perfected and ready to go live.

Then we’ll arm you with assets – pitch decks, videos, one-pagers, blog posts, and manifestos – to ensure your account teams share the same, consistent and compelling narrative. In parallel, we’ll build a sales toolkit that includes a messaging guide, battle cards, persona breakdown, and objection handling.


Clarity of message

Differentiated, consistent, and clear – Momentum’s value proposition development means an end to abstract and confused story telling.

Increased mindshare

The ability to express the value of your products and service with clarity and precision will resonate with prospective buyers and the wider influencer community.

Consistency of delivery

A consistent, compelling, tailored, and customer-facing proposition engenders trust, consolidates key messages, and increases conversion opportunities.