Navigate and unlock opportunities for growth in new logo or whitespace accounts

What do you do when you know little about a prospective account? How do you activate interest when the prospect is Greenfield and opportunities to open up conversations are limited?

Momentum’s data-driven new logo acquisition program identifies synergies among cohorts of accounts where there is little, or no, existing history or legacy, creating content that talks directly to those clusters, and orchestrating activity accordingly.
We blend traditional campaign tactics with our expertise in strategic account-based marketing, taking a four-step approach to acquisition and engagement. First, we investigate and audit each accounts using 1st and 3rd party data. Next, we identify patterns between accounts and initiate smart segmenting. Then we development content and engagement plans that inspire each segment in turn. Finally, we orchestrate in-market activity across channels to drive revenue growth.

Our focused approach to new logo acquisition means no more random approaches and no more hit-and-miss outcomes.


Create new revenue opportunities

By excavating new logos, you open up new revenue streams, creating top-line growth.

Calibrate marketing strategy

Applying discipline and focus to new logo acquisition allows you to avoid random approaches and, instead, ensure relevant and contextualised engagement.

Generate scale and efficiency

Take a cost-effective approach to new logo opportunities by grouping prospective accounts by eliminating wastage and developing engagement tactics that reach the accounts that matter.