Validate account growth strategies and build a plan for success

It’s time for a reset. It’s time to assess and refresh your account team’s capabilities. The account planning enablement program from Momentum is designed to oversee the change that will fuel growth, build capacity, and deliver a cultural shift.

We validate go to market strategies and maximise return on investment across highly complex offers. Our strategic account program diagnostic tool will analyse and audit business-as-usual before recommending necessary changes to the account program and organisational structure.
The program diagnostic typically comprises of an internal capability assessment, gap analysis, and a remote audit of tools and competitors.

We’ll interview key stakeholders to understand roles, responsibilities, organisational design, and key processes. We’ll review account plans, proposals, RFP responses, and positioning content. And we’ll review existing tools in use with particular focus on CRM.


Maximise ROI

By overhauling account strategies, fine-tuning tactics, and re-energising the team you can deliver greater returns.

Reset culture

Over time bad habits can take hold in any organisation. This is an opportunity to press reset and usher in a new culture of success.

Fuel growth

Adopt account planning best practise and apply it to all your prospects, from key and strategic accounts to lapsed customers and long-shot prospects.