Winning Teams

We help you develop the knowledge, leadership, and capabilities needed to win, faster. Momentum has extensive experience in gathering, analyzing, and applying objective intelligence, giving teams the clarity and confidence to drive greater impact.

Marketing enablement

Understanding perceptions, building reputation, and developing marketing capability to exceed your growth objectives

Our marketing enablement consists of research and learning and development programs to help you determine and deliver your marketing objectives.

We’ll help you map how the market really views your brand, what needs to shift in order to turn prospects into buyers, and users into advocates. Our brand research provides a window into the awareness, consideration, usage, and advocacy of your brand and solutions, as well as your competitors’.

Does your messaging engage and persuade buyers? Is it differentiated from the competition? We’ll help you stress-test your messaging and equip your teams with the means to craft meaningful messages that lead to engagement.

Our thought leadership development helps build your reputation as an authority in your space with custom studies and assets to engage your markets.

As well as our ITSMA Certification for ABM – a recognized industry standard – we provide a series of certification programs coupled with hands-on coaching from real-world experts to boost your team’s confidence and capabilities.

Sales and partner enablement

Increase win rates with knowledge and better crafted conversations

Poorly articulated value propositions can lead to lost deals, fewer opportunities, and reputational damage. The right message to the wrong buyers can have equally disastrous consequences.

We provide sales teams with rich insight including competitive landscape view, churn and win loss analysis, and turn this research into playbooks and sales assets, to help teams gain the clarity they need to win more revenue.

Our research will help your sales team understand how you really stack up against your competitors in buyers’ minds. We will figure out where and why you’re losing and help steer your sales team to the most productive opportunities.

From battle cards to elevator pitches, presentations to RFP content, we’ll arm you with the tools of success and will entrench best practice across your sales team.

With our extensive knowledge of buying in the tech sector, we can help you objectively assess how customers view your messaging. Our research can reveal what buyers expect in sales outreach at each stage of the buyer’s journey. We can also uncover how you can more effectively differentiate from the competition, reduce account churn, and increase win rates.

We also fast track partner readiness and boost the success of your alliance partners with custom market research and assets.

Buyer Experience

Draw from the voice of the customer to shape value propositions and engage buyers at every stage of the buying journey

Data has power only when it’s insightful and relevant. Communication sparks action only when it uses empathy and inspiration to connect with its audience.

Any B2B tech purchase involves decision makers, influencers, implementers, and end-users. Buyer persona research helps you understand what would convince each of these roles to buy at key moments in the buying journey. Through workshops and research, you’ll learn each persona’s jobs-to-be-done, pain points, level of influence, and interactions with other personas.

Our carefully developed value propositions are distinctive and customer-centric target specific personas, industries, or company size segments. Our messaging frameworks include proof points, messaging pillars, messaging by persona, and how you can stand out against the competition.

In short, we can help you ensure ongoing sales and marketing efforts persuade buyers effectively.


Insights + Experience = Exceptional Performance.

We offer objective research, evidence-based analysis and practical, real-world experience. We have the capabilities to help you capitalize on your growth opportunities.