To shift perception of SAP from legacy, back-office provider to digital innovation partner across strategic accounts and must-win deals.

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“Momentum are partners, always bringing additional value to the table with deep knowledge and bringing creative innovation in their approach. Their team not only understand the creative, but they also understand the insights that drive the program and work with sales, utilising those insights and bringing them together to form the strategy.”

Danny Nail, Global Head of ABM, SAP


Build SAP’s global ABM program from the ground up by developing a technology-enabled personalization platform to help account and marketing teams around the world adapt content quickly and at scale for key customers.


Step 1: Designed an ABM program that was fit for purpose based on the SAP go to market, team capability and existing martech stack

Step 2: Operationalise the program through proof-of-concept launches

Step 3: Scale the program through custom tech development

Step 4: Evolve the program and enrich new capability over time

Step 5: Prove the value in real accounts


We were able to triple the number of accounts receiving custom content. During the program we have also helped secure the largest deal in SAP history.




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