Displaying empathy and reaching new audiences

Smartsheet, a leader in workforce management, helps 77,000 brands with its software used to assign tasks, share documents, track progress, and manage calendars. Despite its success, the company faced a challenge if it was to penetrate larger accounts. It needed to: build credibility by demonstrating empathy for the complex needs of today’s enterprise organisations; elevate the conversation away from the project manager to a more senior audience; navigate consensus-driven decision making in deals; and find a way to differentiate in a crowded market.

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Greater emphasis on creative execution

Through an extensive discovery process, we redrew the audience map at each account and applied personalised messaging that spoke at an emotional, as well as practical, level. The result: greater emphasis on creative execution for specific accounts. For example, when creating a value proposition and messaging for Adidas, we aligned Smartsheet’s values with the brand’s emphasis on energy, creativity, and athleticism. We used a variety of tactics based on intensive personality profiling of key stakeholders within each account. Our tactics included: social selling, video cards, thought leadership, decks for account teams, digital landing pages, and conversation starters for sales teams.


Multi-million dollar returns
for QuintilesIMS

Our account-specific and stakeholder-oriented program had an instant impact on brand building and growth. It has already opened a combined pipeline across three of the six target accounts worth $145,000. More broadly, the program has helped Smartsheet: build brand credibility in the larger enterprise space; win bigger deals and customer relationships, with pipeline across three big accounts averaging 25 times Smartsheet’s usual deal size; secure bigger lifetime value; stand out in the marketplace with a more relevant point of view.


Value of six target accounts

25 times

Smartsheet usual deal size

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