Build the relationships to influence your buyers from the top down with our CxO Co-Creation Program

Good partnerships cut both ways. What works well for the enterprise buyer works well for the seller. The most successful campaigns forge deep relationships which in turn create lasting value.

With our CxO Co-Creation Program, we can help you create a value exchange and cultivate internal champions who will advocate for you, extending growth opportunities not only to known areas of the business but to greenfield parts and the wider market too.

Get customer advocacy right and you’ll discover that it is not limited to the post-purchase phase of the deal cycle. Instead, you can foster customer advocates to harness success, create customer references, and drive revenue growth.

From development to delivery and beyond, we will work with you to build trust in order to cultivate customers as future partners. Together, we will establish a consistent narrative – with messaging to match – that will advance strategic partnerships to support a successful initial launch, further internal growth, and create brand new opportunities.

78% of buyers rated bringing new ideas as the most valuable thing a vendor can do in order to be elevated to trusted partner status.

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“Our customer advocacy team has been thoroughly impressed with Momentum’s professionalism, diplomacy, engagement and high-quality story writing. You truly understand our business and how to build relationships with our key customers.”

Heidi Plaster, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, North America Customer Advocacy Team, Microsoft


Create ambassadors

Create advocates that will speak on your behalf, validating your messaging and creating peer-to-peer relationships that can influence future deals.

Surface your brightest talent

By leveraging the talent at your disposal you can create a reputation as a thought leader, innovator and nurture the relationships that will grow your business

Become a trusted partner

By co-creating with customers and prospects you are embedding yourself into their buying process and creating a genuinely mutually beneficial relationship.