Spot growth opportunities and get first-mover advantage with our Customer Account Insight Program

Our customer insights program will help you to build a detailed picture of your customers and inform your strategy for success.

We will help you identify the business challenges that are front of mind in the accounts that matter, help you picture how executives build and gather requirements, provide competitor intelligence, and provide insights into decision-making structures that show you how your customers buy.

We do this by bringing together all your first-party intent data across systems, third-party data across publishers, and social sources, including our own insight engine, and in-person interviews people in your accounts.

This, when combined with the exclusive insight we garner from our own Customer Buying Index survey into enterprise buying behaviours and our decade of targeting the global 2,000, gives us a unique perspective on your account and creates insight that is actionable immediately and instantly of value.

This process allows us to sharpen your marketing tactics and increase your chance of making a sale.

45% of enterprise buying teams say that sales teams currently have less insight on their business than before the pandemic.

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“I chose Momentum because they understand account-based marketing… their team not only understand the creative, but they also understand the insights that drive the program and work with sales, utilising those insights and bringing them together to form the strategy.”

Danny Nail, Global Head of ABM, SAP


Grow revenues

Draw on unparalleled insights to anticipate account needs. Turn that knowledge into competitive advantage and sales.

Deepen engagement

Understanding and empathy are the route to solidifying relationships, building credibility, and opening up opportunities.

Embed best practice

Apply actionable insights across your key and strategic accounts. Use newly found knowledge to inform future strategies and tactics.