Foster internal champions to ensure future growth opportunities

Good partnerships cut both ways. What works well for the enterprise buyer works well for the seller. The most successful campaigns forge deep relationships which in turn create lasting value.

At Momentum we help you cultivate internal champions who will advocate for you, extending growth opportunities not only to known areas of the business but to Greenfield parts, too.
Get customer advocacy right and you’ll discover that it is not limited to the post-purchase phase of the deal cycle. Foster customer advocates to harness success, create customer references, and drive revenue growth.

From development to delivery and beyond, we will work with you to build trust in order to cultivate customers as future partners. Together, we will establish a consistent narrative – with messaging to match – that will advance strategic partnerships to support a successful initial launch, further internal growth, and create brand new opportunities.


Increase renewal and retention rates

An advocate for your products and services inside the organisation heightens sentiment, leading to increased renewals and higher retention rates.

Create new opportunities

An internal champion generates buzz and validates your approach within a buying organisation, opening up new opportunities with existing and Greenfield parts of the business.

Ensure customer satisfaction

By fostering advocacy from within, you’ll generate positive sentiment, improve your net promoter score, and ensure greater customer satisfaction.