Strategic Leadership

Our years of practical experience in working with the world's leading companies to transform their sales and marketing organizations, developing growth strategies, and designing programs such as account-based marketing, means we can help you define, anticipate, and respond to new priorities to drive sustained growth.

Go to market research

Transform your GTM with market, competition, positioning insights

To shape a strong growth strategy, you need to build a detailed picture of your markets. With our go-to-market research, competitive intelligence, and positioning studies, we can help you better understand your markets, so you can drive sustained growth.

Momentum can help you identify the challenges and opportunities that are top of mind in the markets that matter most to you.

Our insights are formed using data from a range of reliable sources – which include our own insight engine and qualitative interviews with key players in your market – so you can be sure our analysis is deep, accurate, and relevant.

Our go-to-market research programs are complimented by our proprietary research studies into key trends impacting growth, leadership, and more. This research includes:
⁃ Customer Buying Index (CBX)
⁃ ABM benchmarking studies
⁃ B2B marketing trends survey

Using all this information, we’ll develop insights that you can use to take immediate action and create a strong growth strategy, and provide you with the clarity and confidence to deliver on your ambitions.

Find out how our research can help you get the insights you need to understand your market, competitors, position and pricing to transform your go-to-market strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Accelerate strategic effectiveness and unite teams behind a collective vision

We partner with CMOs and marketing leaders to create their north star, unite teams, and deliver on a future-facing roadmap.

Working with your leadership team, we use our marketing maturity model and a series of discovery workshops to help develop your knowledge and leadership, and set the roadmap to success.

This interactive and iterative process typically includes a series of sprints to create your “to-be” vision. We use our industry frameworks and research to identify a future state for every aspect of your marketing strategy and build a set of clear priorities to initiate.

Underpinned by proprietary research and proven methodologies, we will draw on:
⁃ Marketing Maturity Model
⁃ Marketing transformation assessment and benchmarking tools
⁃ State of the profession studies
⁃ Momentum CBX(R) buyer research

Get in touch to find out how to build your marketing strategy to ensure business success.

Capability building

Turn best practice into practical impact by establishing learning and development programs and embedding your Centers of Excellence

Finding and recruiting the right talent has become increasingly difficult. It’s imperative that you close the skills gap so members of your team are ready to deliver sustainable growth.

By assessing your go-to-market strategy, establishing learning and development programs and embedding your Centers of Excellence (CoEs), we can help you turn theory and best practice into practical, impact-driven tools that create value for your customers and you.

As well as our ITSMA Certification for ABM – a recognized industry standard – we provide a series of certification programs coupled with hands-on coaching from real-world experts to equip your teams the guidance, knowledge, and insight you need.

We work with you set up and establish CoEs across your priority growth strategies such as account-based marketing (ABM) and key account management (KAM).

We’ll then work with you to develop the tools and processes to ensure your teams can accelerate their time to value.

Our teams continuously share latest research studies, together with inspiration and new ideas to further your CoEs. With our guidance, you’ll develop the knowledge and leadership to set up teams to deliver best-in-class growth.

Get in touch with one of our consultants to learn more about how we can help build your teams’ skills, knowledge, and capability to add value, faster.

The Growth Hub

Join our global community to gain exclusive access to research studies, industry-defining events, and peer-to-peer networking.

Made up of growth leaders from across the globe, our membership body is many things: a forum for discussion on best practice; a peer-to-peer network that facilitates ideas sharing; and an avenue for career development.

With access to events that bring together to the world’s very best marketing leaders, you will hear first-hand about the programs and tactics that work, those that don’t, and what they are experimenting with to bring sustainable growth to their key accounts.

Membership also gives you access to our latest industry research and benchmarking, equipping you with insights to develop a marketing function that delivers success in an increasingly competitive and diluted landscape.

By becoming a member, you will also join our network of likeminded peers who are leading the field in ABM and B2B marketing.

In short, the Growth Hub is designed to help you learn, grow, and win.