Alisha Lyndon

Founder & CEO

“I’m inspired by the incredible impact we are able to deliver together with our clients, time and time again.”

About Alisha Lyndon

Alisha Lyndon is the Founder and CEO of Momentum, a global growth consultancy and pioneers of account-based marketing.

In 2010, Alisha developed the idea of account-based marketing to drive growth in strategic accounts. Today she splits her time between London, Boston and Seattle, leading Momentum’s strategy and shaping growth programs for clients including Microsoft, Amazon and State Street.

In 2002 Alisha founded her first business Logicall which she went on to successful sell in 2009 to Blueview Group.
Previously, she has also held roles in sales, marketing and consulting at Microsoft, Embarcadero and Opentext.
Alisha is a speaker on growth topics, hosts the Account-based Marketing podcast and is a regular contributor to Forbes.