The term Customer Buying Index refers to the way businesses across the globe are making purchasing decisions.

In the index we brings together ten years of experience and the latest data in one powerful analysis tool. Use our index to develop actionable strategies for revenue growth. We provide a unique picture of who the buyers are in key markets, analysis of vendor expectations, behaviour, buying cycles share preferences around sales and marketing engagement.

It’s our view the separation of sales, marketing and digital will cease and everything will be aligned into a buyer journey of new business and renewals.


Winning strategies to unlock growth

   What is the Customer Buying Index?

   How can you become a trusted partner?

   How do buying decisions differ by geography or sector?

   Where should you spend your time when growing strategic accounts?

   How can you inspire customers into action?

   How should you adapt your communication strategy?

   How do you keep the buying cycle moving?

   4 expert CxO buyers share their experiences

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The Momentum Customer
Buying Index

We recently launched the Momentum Customer Buying IndexTM, a powerful analysis tool that brings together ten years of experience and proprietary research to provide a unique picture of who the buyers are in key markets and analyses their vendor expectations, buying cycles patterns, and preferences around sales and marketing engagement. If you missed the live event, you can watch it on demand here.

Winning strategies to unlock growth in Financial Services

In this 45 minute webinar, with guests from State Street and Investec, you will hear how financial services organisations are being transformed by an account-based marketing approach, and how marketing and sales teams working across capital markets, investments, fintech, and regtech are powering their sales efforts with new growth marketing tools.

Insight informs
better strategy

Momentum is one of the world’s leading B2B growth consultancies and the pioneers of account-based marketing (ABM), servicing Fortune 500 clients across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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With expert opinion from:

Customer Buying IndexTM briefing

  Get the latest findings from our index

  Access remote interactive presentation for your team or event

  Customer formats covering the industries, propositions, and audiences you target

Stress test your marketing

  Leverage the index to brainstorm specific challenges and revenue growth opportunities

  Design a clear plan based on your proposition, account mix, industry coverage, and buying team audiences

  Create a remote sprint format with your marketing team

Fast start account hack

  Identify patterns across your accounts

  Connect existing content and channels to accounts

  Create an engagement plan and go live in accounts with a rapid start

Expert opinions from enterprise CxOs


Brian Hayes: Insights from enterprise buyers

Reaching the status of trusted partner is something many seek but few achieve. Brian Hayes, former Global Head of Transformation at HSBC and now Financial Service Industry Lead EMEA at VMware, gives his tips on how to build trust in a relationship.


Andy Simpson-Pirie: Insights from enterprise buyers

The role of the chief technology officer is in flux. Former CTO at Lloyd’s Banking Group and Zürich Insurance Group and now CTO Cyberfort Group, Andy Simpson-Pirie describes how his role has evolved, what this means for vendors looking to create partnerships, and why an insight-driven understanding of business is the key to success.


Tony Miller: Insights from enterprise buyers

A vendor who helps is the vendor who sells. Tony Miller, former Marketing VP at Disney and Marketing Director at WW, explains how vendors who understand context and can help him achieve alignment are those he turns to first.


Pete Markey: Insights from enterprise buyers

TSB CMO Pete Markey shares his tips on how c-suite enterprise buyers like to be sold to, including the importance of understanding the business you are targeting.


Dowshan Humzah: Insights from enterprise buyers

Being provocative can earn you the deal. Dowshan Humzah, independent board director and transformation specialist, argues that vendors that have a clear vision for the future and demonstrate the art of the possible, are closer to earning themselves trusted partner status.


The Momentum Customer Buying Index™ Part 2

Hear from the buyers themselves; CMO, TSB Bank; CTO, Cyberfort Group; Transformation Specialist; FS Lead, VMware; and Marketing Director, WW as we unpack the index, a powerful analysis tool that brings together ten years of experience and proprietary research to provide a unique picture of who the buyers are in key markets, their expectations, and buying cycle patterns and preferences.

“The most comprehensive insight into the minds of buying teams”

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