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Changes in the market for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) making them more attractive for investors was the perfect catalyst to launch a thought leadership program. Our overarching objective was to equip sales teams with client-centric content and create new demand through targeted promotions across multiple channels.

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“Believe State Street has unique insights into the ETF market based on market share.”

Allianz Global Investors


Insight-driven messaging for customised communications

Momentum worked with the global marketing team and subject-matter experts to create client-centric content that would raise awareness of State Street’s unique capabilities, including customised messaging for different audiences. Battlecards on how to counter competitor claims, handle objections and start new conversations with different C-level personas were created to ensure the right messaging was reinforced at every touchpoint. We also executed a range of marketing tactics to help build pipeline, including social banners and an interactive digital timeline that showcased State Street’s series of ‘industry-firsts’ back to 1993.


Smashing industry benchmarks

Greater alignment between sales and marketing activity has produced a strong pipeline with leading asset managers, valued at over $9.1M and counting. Targeted content cut through the noise and produced an outstanding response for all audiences. Over 1,3000 C-level stakeholders engaged with the content, producing 80 qualified leads to date. Share of voice more than doubled thanks to a comprehensive social selling program that set a new benchmark on LinkedIn for the financial services industry. State Street communications featured in a number of leading publications including the Wall Street Journal and the Savvy Investor platform. Global ETF Product Specialist at State Street Global Services, Frank Koudelka, is now a ‘go-to’ speaker at ETF industry events.

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