Inspiring a step change from front to back

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of applications designed to help organisations tap into data, collaborate, and uncover real-time insights to accelerate success. The business wanted to expand a central government agency’s usage of the platform to department-wide (eCRM), with the aim of transforming delivery of services via digital-by-default channels, and creating a step change in working practices across the agency, from office to frontline.

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A masterclass in creative storytelling

Our suggested approach was to tell multiple distinct stories to each of the agency’s departments and functional areas, from C-suite to operations, HR to enforcement. Together, these stories explain how Dynamics 365 helps deliver the agency’s vision. We designed a digital infographic asset that consisted of an 8-part “ant-farm” cross-section of the agency, with respective use cases and value stories of Dynamics 365 travelling throughout.


The start of a lucrative relationship

The program helped elevate Microsoft to the status of long-term strategic and trusted partner for a key government department agency and became one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics deals for the UK public sector. The five-year deal is expected to generate over $11.4m of revenue, and has displaced competitors workloads.

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