From partners to co-creators

Fujitsu’s IT solutions touch the lives of millions of people every day – from passport applications and shop checkouts to broadband and fraudproof cash machines. The business needed to grow its presence within key accounts such as DHL and to present itself as an innovative and agile digital partner. That meant using its technologies to deliver business benefits. It also meant extending the strategic partnership beyond ‘sell to’ to become co-creators, developing joint propositions that
would often prove disruptive and market changing.

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"The pace of return for this project has become the stuff of legend within Fujitsu.”

Val Risk, Key Account Director, Fujitsu


Business benefits first, tech solutions second

Under the program included a campaign banner ‘Fresh Thinking to Unlock Value’, Fujitsu’s tightly knit sales and marketing team of three – drawing on Momentum’s expertise – sought to show DHL how much the two companies could do together. As Fujitsu and DHL began to co-create solutions, so marketing supported engagement through the creation of a single set of seamless and consistent messages that explored business benefits first, technology solutions second. Media leveraged to drive the program included: co-created video assets to support collaborative projects; a Roll Up Infographic Map for brainstorming opportunities; Live events and engagements; generation of global press coverage.


Growing sales opportunities

Momentum’s strategic and tactical response created a spirit of co-creation between Fujitsu and DHL, moving the relationship from ‘Sell to’ to ‘Sell through’ and ‘Sell with’. During the year, Fujitsu converted the existing sales pipeline and grew sales opportunities with key stakeholders. It closed £16 million worth of UK contracts and €55 million across EMEIA. So successful has the co-creation mission been that DHL now considers Fujitsu as part of the team.

£16 million

Worth of UK contracts

€55 million

Across EMEA

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