To engage prospects, secure meetings with key decision makers, and prompt action to accelerate deals stuck in Microsoft’s deal pipeline.

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“The biggest success we've had is our partnership with Momentum. In particular, the thought process around the content that we build together and the insights that we deliver back into the account team, again and again, have driven such incredible impact.”

Carrie Holmes, Director of Marketing, Strategic Accounts, North America, Microsoft


Intensive one-to-one deal labs to identify potential opportunities and then used account diagnostics to target the biggest profit opportunities. Then engage customers with expertly crafted, locally relevant and tailored strategic content and co-create with customers to secure buy in and revenue.


Step 1: Account hacks to understand factors driving buying decisions and plot out growth strategies.

Step 2: Planning for engaged accounts using account engagement journey data to get alignment and buy-in across teams.

Step 3: Orchestrated channels to reach the right audience at the right time and secure meetings.

Step 4: Navigate complex buying cycles to spot opportunities and accelerate pipeline.

Step 5: Increase pipeline velocity and deal size by optimizing sales approach with toolkit to effectively develop the relationship.


Our work opened previously stalled conversations in 63 accounts, accelerating deals
to fill a $54m revenue gap and also grew average deal size by $0.4m.




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