To build a key-account marketing program across 300 accounts in EMEA and Asia to cement relationships and create brand ambassadors from stakeholders in key accounts to drive internal consumption.

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“We found that Momentum can help us enormously in both short-term and long-term scenarios. That's where the strength really comes from, it’s being a specialist in ABM and understanding what we need. With Momentum we get a partner, a partner that we can trust.”

Michael Avis, Senior Director, Global Key Account Marketing, Oracle


Develop strategies to engage Oracle’s key customers through meaningful account experiences and content co-creation on the way to building a C-suite community of brand ambassadors.


Step 1: Create value propositions and messaging to ensure customers can communicate the value to internal stakeholders and drive-up consumption.

Step 2: Understand customer sentiment by monitoring the signals to understand the health of the relationship and ensure customers perceive value from the use of services.

Step 4: Drive increased service use, new users and additional service use.

Step 5: Align to the customer’s agenda, leverage their success in the market and amplify this success to their peer-to-peer network.


We worked on hundreds of accounts to drive up consumption and have influenced more than $13bn in revenue. Oracle’s win rate is 5x higher when we are involved in the process. We have also developed advocates in 90 accounts.




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