To engage prospects, secure meetings with key decision makers, and accelerate deal velocity in VMware’s key strategic industry sectors.

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“The ABM program is the first step on a longer journey. By building phase 1, we are beginning to understand how to talk to customers on an individual level. What is in and behind the assets is the real value, and should persist over time.”

Nigel Stephenson, Global Telco Market Development, VMware


Align marketing to sales reps across multiple regions and industries to create shared sense of purpose around the insight and market intelligence we bring to the conversation. Orchestrate social and email campaigns to generate first contact, then enable sales to have value-based vs. solution-based conversations with customer-facing assets in native language to secure meetings with hard-to engage stakeholders.


Step 1: Identify 150+ target stakeholders within key sectors, who became social targets later in the campaign.

Step 2: Bring industry expertise to discovery sessions with key marketing stakeholders to marry sentiment with research.

Step 3: Identify VMware’s key differentiators and value to the sectors and their customers, along with proof points for validation.

Step 4: Create content underpinned by value proposition development.

Step 5: Deliver content into key accounts through social channels and email to footprint and awareness and drive conversations.

Step 6: Build sales toolkit to enrich conversations and drive deals.


Securing an $11m deal with a key strategic account, as well as winning 29 net new contacts and engaging 70+ more in the same sector. These contacts stimulated 10 value-based conversations, accelerating live opportunities, and helped secure another meeting with a key decision-maker in another key account.




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