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One of the world’s leading growth consultancies, and pioneers of account-based marketing.

Our consulting, research, and learning services help global organizations drive account-based growth.

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Capabilities to power your account-based growth

We pioneered account-based marketing. From introducing the concept in 2003 to creating the industry’s foremost ABM certification and setting the bar for best practice, we know what really works.

We’ve helped our clients drive $90 billion in revenue growth and our approach has enabled hundreds of sales and marketing teams to win their biggest deals.

" The most critical component of key account growth is the work we’re doing together - understanding accounts, planning with intention and drawing on best practice tools to bring clarity.

William Green

Senior Vice President USA, Arvato

Pioneers of ABM

Pioneers of account-based growth

Gives you access to unique insights on the global top 2K

Trusted partner to 100+ clients

Deep sector knowledge across tech, FS and professional services

Impact and performance

Track record of success, having delivered $90 billion in revenue growth

Unique IP

Stress-tested best practice learning frameworks, tools and insight

Expert team

100+ consultants focused on immediate impact and sustainable growth


“Everyone wins” philosophy helps you meet your most profound commitments

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Account-Based Marketing is designed as a collection of conversations with sales and marketing leaders sharing thoughts, and practical tips for growing your most valuable customers, hosted by Momentum.

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Trusted by global enterprises

We help our clients to design their account-based strategy, benchmark existing ABM programs, and build programs for account-based growth.

That means working with sales and marketing teams to:

Spot and unlock growth opportunities in accounts while navigating complex buying cycles and fast-changing markets

Deliver compelling propositions built on deep buyer insights, building understanding and relevance for buyers

Envision value for the customer, helping them to see what’s possible and make it happen

" The biggest success we've had is our partnership with you. 
In particular, the thought process around the content that we build together and the insights that we deliver back into the account team.

Carrie Holmes, Director of Marketing

Strategic Accounts at Microsoft

ABM certification for you and your team

By combining our unrivalled intelligence with best practice-led learning pathways, we give your teams the knowledge and confidence they need to drive greater impact. So far, we’ve trained and certified over 2,000 practitioners.

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We know your accounts

It takes expertise to identify the many commercial and personal factors driving a buyer’s decisions. It takes expertise to turn buyer insights into a rigorous, distinctive strategy. It takes expertise to translate insights and strategy that speaks the buyer’s language, deepens relationships, and motivates action.

We have deep domain expertise in tech, financial and professional services’ sectors, with the proven ability to look both right across and deep within a market to identify evolving account needs and expectations.

With more than 10 years of targeting the global 2,000, we know your customers inside out.

We enhance this with cutting-edge research across the business and buying process with the Momentum Customer Buying Index® (CBX).

" There is no way that any other partner would be able to do this type of strategic work at this pace.
This is truly outstanding work.

Hannah Grove

Chief Marketing Officer (former), State Street

ABM resources

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The Account-Based Marketing Podcast

Hear from sales and marketing leaders about how they're using ABM to build reputation, enhance relationships and create lasting growth for their organizations.

We’re here to help power your account-based growth, faster

We can help you to design, build and implement an account-based strategy. Our advisory and consulting team will help treat individual accounts as markets in their own right, partnering with sales and service teams, building reputation and relationships, all underpinned with account insight.

We have developed the ABM Adoption/Accelerator Model, a rapid diagnostic process to help assess gaps in your program compared to a benchmark of comparable companies. When we apply the ABM Accelerator process, we also identify recommendations for advancing your program and increasing your impact.

Benefits of the Momentum approach

Your customers

  • Your customers feel better understood as a result of your in-depth analysis and understanding
  • You provide fresh perspectives and enable customers to understand your offerings, strategy, and solutions on their terms
  • You increase your customer satisfaction and experience

Sales and marketing teams

  • You achieve alignment within sales and marketing teams, strengthening your go to market efforts
  • You uncover new opportunities, extend reach into the customer, and accelerate customer buying cycles
  • You build capability and enable your teams to have a bigger impact

Your business

  • You create sustained growth through improved market perception and more valuable customer relationships
  • You align your go-to-market teams around your customers, with no silos, meaning you’re easier to do business with
  • You’re able to cut through market noise and differentiate

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We offer unparalleled analytic and organizational tools for account-based growth. Together, we can create an enduring customer-centric culture.

ABM Training & Certification

Professional training from Momentum and ITSMA on the fundamentals of ABM for your teams via live instruction and self-paced eLearning and certification.

ABM Account- assessment

Benchmark your current approach against best-in-class programs, highlighting the strengths that can be leveraged, together with a gap analysis and opportunities for improvement.