Cate Sutherland

Consulting Director & Head of Content Strategy

What I love most about Momentum is our people. It’s such an energetic, talented, bunch who make coming to work every day an absolute dream. Very few consulting firms have a culture where people genuinely ‘work hard & play hard’ – it sounds so old school! But for us, that Mad Men adage fits perfectly.

Cate grew up in Australia where she graduated from The University of Melbourne with a double first in Commerce/Arts. After getting the travel bug early on, she moved to London in 2005 where she continued working in B2B marketing, primarily for large communications providers like Orange Business Services and Vodafone.

In her early thirties, Cate’s thirst for adventure saw her start a specialty coffee business with a group of fellow Antipodeans that has since evolved under their leadership to become an e-commerce platform for sustainable brands.

After getting her MA from the University of London, Cate spent time freelancing in a variety of marketing advisory, content strategy and journalism roles where her personal interests in fashion, beauty and celebrity gossip could be indulged!

Since joining Momentum in 2018, Cate has worked across all things content and consulting, and is now Consulting Director and Head of Content Strategy.